Wheat Albumin NA-1


Mechanism of action

“0.19 Wheat Albumin” acts to inhibit α-amylase in the saliva and pancreas, temporarily decreases the amylase activity in the digestive tract and slows the absorption of starch to suppress a rapid elevation glucose levels in blood.


The safety of Wheat Albumin NA-1 as a food product is clear from the dietary experiences, however, we have conducted safety confirmation studies (genotoxicity, single- and repeated-dose studies, and overdose studies in humans).

Effects of Wheat Albumin NA-1

Effects of Wheat Albumin NA-1

Wheat Albumin NA-1 product information

Generic name Wheat albumin
Ingredients Wheat albumin, wheat protein hydrolysate
Package presentation Cardboard(double plastic bags with silica gel)(10kg)
Best-before date 24 months after production (in an unopened state)
Storage method Store away from high temperatures and high humidity.

Technical literature

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