PureSorb-Q™40(Water-Dispersible Coenzyme Q10


40% content of coenzyme Q10

The product is a high-concentration powder, of which 40% is made up of coenzyme Q10.

High absorbability

coenzyme Q10

The traditionally used oil-soluble coenzyme Q10 showed a low absorption rate under fasted conditions and was recommended for intake after meals. However, PureSorb-Q™40 realized a high absorption rate under fasted conditions via ultra-fine particle processing achieved by nanotechnology.

High dispersibility in water

The product is highly dispersible in water.

High dispersibility in water


The product minimizes problems during tableting(sticking and spots caused by bulk powder).
The product is available for use not only in tablets but also in a variety of product formats including beverages and jelly. Also, PureSorb-Q™40 does not have a taste of its own and therefore does not affect the flavors of other food components.

PureSorb-Q™40 product information

Generic name Coenzyme Q10 water-soluble powder
Ingredients Coenzyme Q10, Maltodextrin(tapioca), Food starch-modified, Glycerin
Package presentation Aluminum bag(1kg)
Best-before date 30 months after production(in an unopened state)
Storage method Store in a cool location away from light.
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