Aqua Q10 P5-NF(Water-Dispersible Coenzyme Q10


5% content of coenzyme Q10

The product is a powder, of which 5% is made up of coenzyme Q10.

High absorbability

coenzyme Q10

Aqua Q10 P5-NF realized a high absorption rate under fasted conditions.


Compounding of the ingredients and the design of the manufacturing method enabled the product to be added without affecting flavor or texture, and this allows finished products to be developed with a focus on tastiness.

High dispersibility

The product rapidly disperses in cold water.

Aqua Q10 P5-NF product information

Generic name Coenzyme Q10 water-soluble powder
Ingredients Lactose, dextrin, coenzyme Q10, sorbitol, gum Arabic, malic acid
Package presentation Aluminum bag(1kg)
Best-before date 24 months after production(in an unopened state)
Storage method Store in a cool location away from light.
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