Green Soybean EX Powder


Anti-allergy effect

Green soybeans are expected to alleviate symptoms of allergies through regulation the Th balance and suppression of IgE production.

Rare soybeans produced in Japan

Green Soybean EX Powder uses Japanese green soybeans as its ingredient. Green soybeans have a sweet, delicious taste due to the large amount of oligosaccharides.

Unique manufacturing method

Green soybeans are pulverized and processed under optimal thermal conditions to provide a plain flavor without a grassy taste, resulting in a smooth powder material with the original nutritional value of soybeans.

Effects of Green Soybean EX Powder

Suppression of pollinosis symptoms

Suppression of pollinosis symptoms

Green Soybean EX Powder Product Information

Generic name Green soybean processed powder
Ingredients Green soybeans
Package presentation Aluminum bag(10kg)
Best-before date 12 months after production(in an unopened state)
Storage method Store the product in a cool location away from light.
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