Product overview

Nisshin Seifun Group has a long history of research into the abundant vitamins present in wheat germ. The structural similarities between coenzyme Q10 and vitamin K provided the impetus for research and development leading to the successful industrial production of coenzyme Q10, a world first. Subsequent research and development led to the Aqua Q10 series, in which coenzyme Q10, which is not water-soluble by nature, is dispersed in water. This series can be used in a range of applications.
PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF is a water-dissolved liquid containing approximately 5% coenzyme Q10.

Overview of ingredients

Coenzyme Q10 (compound name: ubiquinone) was first discovered in bovine heart, and it is abundant in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas in humans. Coenzyme Q10 can be synthesized in the body, and it is an essential component that mediates electron transfer in the process of ATP manufacture within the mitochondria. Since coenzyme Q10 has a structure that allows electron transfer, there are both oxidized and reduced forms. Scientific studies have shown that the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the body decreases with age, and that it also suppresses the oxidation of vitamin E in the body.

Characteristics of product

A highly stable aqueous solution containing 5% coenzyme Q10

PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF is an aqueous solution with a high degree of clarity containing approximately 5% coenzyme Q10. Precipitation and creaming do not occur readily, even when the product is added to highly concentrated aqueous collagen solution.

Excellent versatility

No emulsifiers derived from soybeans are used, so there is no requirement for allergen labelling. The emulsifier is carefully selected to minimize the distinctive taste and odor of emulsifiers, so that this solution can be blended into food products without affecting their taste. It has excellent acid resistance, salt resistance, and thermal stability, and it is well suited to blending with beverages and other products with high water content.

Item Test method Results
Heat resistance Keep the aqueous solution of PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF (600 mg/50 mL) in the autoclave (120 ℃, 30 min).
Salt resistance Keep a 20% salt solution of PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF (600 mg/50 mL) in a water bath (85 ℃, 30 min).
Acid resistance pH4 Keep a pH-adjusted citric acid solution of PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF (600 mg/50 mL) in a water bath (85 ℃, 30 min).

【Results 】 The prepared samples were stored in the dark for one day, and the formation of suspended solids and sediments were visually checked.

Highly compatible with beauty ingredients

There is excellent compatibility with beauty ingredients such as collagen and ceramide, so that this solution is well suited to formulation with larger quantities of beauty ingredients.

Stability when formulated in a 50 ml simulated beauty drink
Ingredients Quantity Amount of PureSorb-Q™-L5-NF blended
(As Coenzyme Q10
30mg per bottle 200mg per bottle
collagen 10,000mg
Royal jelly 1,000mg
Hyaluronic acid 267mg
Proteoglycan 16mg
Ceramide 6mg
Vitamin C 500mg
【Test Method】
Aqueous solutions of the formulations in the table above were adjusted to pH 4 with citric acid, heat-treated at 95 ℃ for 20 minutes, and then subjected to a storage stability test.
No crystals, precipitates, or suspended solids were observed after storing the prepared samples at 40 ℃ and 75%RH for 2 months.

Product information

product name Water-Dissolved liquid including 5% of Coenzyme Q10
Ingredients Coenzyme Q10, Glycerin, Glycerin fatty acid ester
Description Yellow to orange-viscous liquid
Package presentation Brown resin container(1kg)
Expiration 12 months after production(in an unopened state)
Storage conditions Avoid light and store at 0-10℃ ( refrigerated)

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