Aqua Q10 L10-NF(Water-Dispersible Coenzyme Q10


10% content of coenzyme Q10

This product is a water-soluble-liquid containing 10% coenzymeQ10 .


High absorbability


Aqua Q10 L10-NF realized a high absorption rate under fasted conditions.


Compounding of the ingredients and the design of the manufacturing method enabled the product to be added without affecting flavor.

Nano-order emulsion

coenzyme Q10

This product is a nano-order coenzyme Q10 with a mean particle size of 52 nm.

Aqua Q10 L10-NF product information

Generic name Coenzyme Q10 water-soluble liquid
Ingredients High-fructose corn syrup, coenzyme Q10, emulsifier
Package presentation Brown resin container(1kg)
Best-before date 12 months after production(in an unopened state)
Storage method 0°C to 10°C(in a refrigerator)
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